about shi

Bring together a passion for shape and colour, the artistry of stained glass, and the rich tradition of silk and textiles. Marry it to a small business model committed to playfulness, friendship and the ethics of the handmade movement. Add more than a decade of experience in the independent craft scene and you have the Shi Studio of today.

Designer Cory Judge is in love with the transformative power of beauty and is passionate about facilitating personal expression through fashion. From her beginnings as a stained glass artist and through her extensive experience at markets and shows, she brings her craft to life with intelligence and inspiration. From the singular idea of fusing luscious silks with shining glass comes the infinite variations in style that is Shi Studio.

Through Shi Studio online, you have the power to build custom pieces that are handmade for you in the silk, size and shape of your choosing. Or you can choose pieces directly from The Collections.

At shows and festivals, you will be dazzled by the diversity of colours and styles that are offered.

Fuse silk, glass, silver, brass, gemstones and leather to create beautiful accessories that draw on multiple craft traditions. Create unexpected pairings between organic lines and crisp bursts of colour and form. Focus on the power of beauty to transform your daily moments.

Kyla Hubbard: Creative Associate, leatherwork
Maria Middleton: Necklaces, gems, beads
Mark Laver: Metalwork
Honor Cienska: Co-founder
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