Artist Series April Lacheur Part II

Artist Series Collection - Our Exposed Roots by Shi Studio and April Lacheur
May 2019 |

New to Shi Studio’s Artist Series Collection with April Lacheur is her Exposed Roots painting made into prints and framed in Shi Studio accessories. For more history on April and her relationship with Shi Studio, please refer to our past blog entry, Aritst Series: April Lacheur Part I

Our Roots Exposed 
April's most recent acrylic painting combines a loose, abstract background with her signature detailed lining and trees with exposed roots. Her work aims to show the similarities between humans and trees, and that we are not too different from the nature that surrounds us. We too have roots that run deep; if we can remember to expose our roots by sharing our backgrounds and stories, we can better understand each other and live together in peaceful communities, much like trees in a forest. This series is now available in Shi pieces. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities for wearing pieces from the Exposed Roots Series, please contact Shi Stuido directly at