Challenges Afoot in the Studio

Sep 2018 |

Honor and I worked well together until 2008 when we decided to amicably part ways. Honor now has a fabulous and successful jewellery store downtown Victoria called Tonic. I carried on with Shi Studio as sole proprietor. The economic crash of 2008 struck at a tender time for Shi and the new few years were difficult indeed. My shows were down up to 75%, the aisles were empty and anxiety ran high. Times were rough for a couple of years, but somehow with business shifts, acumen and deep belief, passion and devotion for Shi Studio we survived and came out the other side. Better from the learning experiences gained, more savvy and ready to get down to it with creativity once again. We still had some great times and fantastic support from customers despite the economic tensions. 

"2012 and 2013 were pivotal years, where positive energy pulsed again and new designs, exciting ideas and love for Shi flowed freely. As it does to this day. "