Create With Cory

Custom Jewellery and Accessories
Nov 2020 |

One of my passions is to facilitate each person’s unique and individual flair.

We are each drawn to different variations of a pattern, design or style.  I have always loved giving people the space to choose aspects of a design to make it their own or to give as the perfect gift.  

When custom ordering you can pick your silk, your glass shape, leather and even types and lengths.  The process is easy as Cory walks you through the steps with personalized chats and images.  

The process is fun and looks like this:

1.    Contact me with an idea of a design you want for yourself or as a gift
2.    I will send you 3-5 images of silks or canvas in your pattern or colour palette to choose from, as well as offer shape suggestions that work with the design you are drawn to.
3.    For leather items you can choose your leather preference.
4.    If choosing a chain, we can determine the best length and chain type.
5.    We get busy making your custom Shi piece and Voila! … You get a beautiful and individual design for yourself or a loved one!! 

Create With Cory