Design In Process – The Pearl Knot and The Pearl Lariat

Jun 2019 |

Juggling the demands of being a jewellery designer and maker, attending regular markets four days per week in downtown Victoria in the summer months, and planning larger shows and festivals makes it challenging to find the chilled creative space I need for the design process. I always envy the artistic folk who are constantly drawing and coming up with new ideas, wherever they are. I, however, have found that I must carve out that special time to get ‘in the zone’. In my ideal world, I would sequester myself in a cabin for a week every year with my supplies and design ideas, quietly playing with new inspirations and bringing ideas into reality. But life gets busy, so I happily make do with some yoga, a dog walk, and a cup of matcha to get me in the mood.

I make sure I do set aside these little artistic spaces a few times a year in order to stay creative, inspired, and to remain relevant and interesting to my faithful Shi following. Part of my process is researching design trends and applying my aesthetic to fashions that appeal to my aesthetic. For example, newer to Shi are the Pearl Lariat and Pearl Knot necklaces. I have been drawn to the choker styles and long draping necklaces found on the fashion runways, so I came up with my own twist on the styles. I took the idea of my existing lariat design and incorporated my love of pearls and leather for the Pearl Lariat. The Pearl Knot is inspired by the chunky long layered necklaces on the runways but softening their lines to make necklaces that are more accessible for everyday wear.

Bringing a good design to life gives me the best feeling: a sense of excitement is effervescent within me and I get excited to share my new creation. To see my new designs, the Pearl Lariat and Pear Knot necklaces, see here.

These two designs are just the start of a collection of design ideas I have planned for this coming year that incorporate pearls. Stay tuned for more luscious sea treasures…