Hold Memories Close to your Heart with Shi's Heirloom Collection

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Apr 2019 |

I have been working with people’s custom fabrics for a number of years. Most often I collaborate with brides after their wedding day, using pieces of fabric from wedding dresses and making them into stunning and meaningful pendants, belt buckles, and earrings. This gives new life to beautiful dresses that would otherwise be stored away, making them part of the whole marriage instead of just the wedding day.

It wasn’t until a couple years ago that the full beauty of this offering presented itself when a customer came to me with the idea of making jewelry and accessories for herself and her family by framing pieces of her late husband’s clothing. At first I was unsure of the emotional intensity of the project but as I began working with the fabrics and designing pieces for her family, I was overcome with the beauty of cherishing our loved ones in meaningful and lasting ways. Not only was this customer trusting me to make something of beauty out of loss, but I was also encapsulating memory to be worn close to her and her family’s hearts.

There is a timeless sense of love in the ability to craft personal items for people holding their memories dear. With the Heirloom Collection, I seek to help people bring meaningful items from their past into the present, whether from a wedding, a beloved childhood item, or from a loved one who has passed on. The Keepsake, Wedding Heirloom, and Memorial collections are outlined below.

The Keepsake Collection 
The Keepsake Collection is a fun way to use any piece of fabric that holds too much sentimental value to let go of, but that you just don’t have space for. Whether it is an old favourite blanket, your grandmother's scarf or a child's ballerina dress, by creating jewelry using that special fabric you get to keep the memories close. This allows you to hold on to the memories attached to those items, but without the physical and mental clutter of storing them in your home indefinitely. 

The Wedding Heirloom Collection
Do you still cherish your wedding garments? Do you wish you could wear those special clothes every day, and yet can’t see yourself actually walking down the street with a veil? We can help you bring memories of your wedding day into your everyday life by framing pieces of lace or other fabric in pendants, earrings, or belt buckles. This gives a new life to the dress or other clothes from that day, and allows you to bring a beautiful piece of your past into your present.

The Memorial Collection
When you feel ready to create something new to remember someone you lost, we work with you to help transform textiles left behind into wearable memories. Have you lost a loved one and wonder what to do with their cherished belongings? We create items of their favourite textiles or clothing into one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. This can be a powerful process of letting go by creating a symbolic accessory to be worn in a celebration of life.

With the Heirloom Collection, the fabric that moves you becomes a piece of timeless jewelry. All we need from you is the textiles and a sense of your style preferences.

Contact us to chat and we'll figure out the right accessories for you, whether you want a single piece or a collection as gifts to family and friends.