Love Train 100

Lisa Large
Mar 2019 |

Shi Studio is in love with the Love Train 100.

Working with people to design and create the exact piece of Shi jewellery is one of my many favourite parts of running Shi Studio. On February 8th, I was contacted with a very special request for a west coast style belt buckle for an amazing woman. The Orcas 100 Ultramarathon, which is 100 miles long, had been cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. This did not sit well with Lisa Large, who had trained for it for years, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Lisa reached out to Victoria’s running community and within hours had 35 local volunteers who committed to supporting her through an impromptu marathon that she named the Love Train 100.

How does this relate to Shi Studio? The Orcas 100 awards everyone who completes all 100 miles with commemorative belt buckles and Lisa’s friend Cindy Barclay wanted to make sure Lisa’s Love Train 100 received the same treatment. Cindy reached out to me and asked if I had anything especially west coasty that Lisa could be given as her award for achieving this monumental goal. I didn’t have anything on hand but knew I had to be part of this inspiring story, so I got to work making the right belt buckle for the occasion. Fortunately, I collaborate with BC artist April Lacheur, whose artwork embodies the energy the of west coast perfectly. Cindy and I decided on a piece featuring an arbutus tree beside the ocean at sunset to feature in Lisa’s belt buckle.

On February 10th, after 40 hours of running and walking the Love Train 100, Lisa Large completed her ultramarathon. When she was presented with her Shi Belt Buckle, she broke down in tears of joy and exhaustion. Congratulations Lisa, on creating and running the Love Train 100! I am so honoured to have been part of your experience.

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"I must note that a normal finish line medal for an ultramarathon is the coveted belt buckle but your beautifully hand crafted buckle is one to be cherished by her and this amazing and epic journey. Thank you Cory and Shi Studio for making this memory."

- Andrew Barclay