Musings on Beauty

musings on beauty
Sep 2019 |

Sometimes I struggle with what is the larger purpose of my work through Shi Studio. I feel the calling to a higher purpose, and there can be so much that seems shallow or vain in the materialism of the fashion industry and the world in general…

But then I think, we all seek to know we are part of something larger, loved for who we are, beautiful just as we are, seen for our individual uniqueness, but also as part of the larger energy of love.

Seeing beauty is love, feeling beautiful is part of love. It is not shallow or vain when it is experienced as “power from within” and not used as a tool of “power over”. Feeling beautiful, unique, seen and individual IS empowerment for oneself. Defining and expressing who we are, from a place of positive energy and intention, with our personal style and adornments can amplify the power of love within each of us to be spread and shared.

When we feel grounded in our inner being, and are loving how we present and move in the world, there is a powerful source of inner light to be shared. I believe our purpose is to share more love in the world, and creatively expressing yourself with style can be a generous gift to ourselves and others.

With Shi, I feel in my heart that I am creating a platform for people to express themselves and strengthen their connection to love. This keeps me going, nourishing my creative fires to share beauty as love on my path through this often troubled world.