Present Day Shi Studio

Sep 2018 |

The last 4 years of Shi have been fantastic, with always more to learn and grow but rooted in gratitude, inspiration, passion and creativity. Many unique partnerships have developed and expanded including the inclusion of more artists in the Artist Series, many new designs, the Qing Dynasty Silk Collection and the hugest honoour of my career - The Royal Collection which saw Shi parting gifts given to Kate Middleton and Prince William. I find it incredible that after 14 years Shi Studio still feels relevant, alive and just as sparkly. It is a testament that the mission statement written 14 years ago still rings true: Shi Studio is a vibrant and innovative accessory design business that consciously creates lifestyle, personal and business integrity, and the development of a signature aesthetic that nourishes the need for creativity, beauty and self expression. 

Shi Studio would be nowhere without the profound support of our Shi shoppers. I have the BEST customers who love Shi and come back every year to find more goodies and to say 'hi'. And I have fabulous first time shoppers who get so excited to have found designs that speak to them! 

"I am so thankful for the opportunity to offer the love, labour and creative expression of Shi Studio"

- Cory Judge