Shi Photo Shoot: Treasures Revealed

Treasures of the Deep photo shoot
Dec 2019 |

The newest collection ‘Treasures of the Deep” photo shoot was so much fun.  It took place late September in the setting sun behind the parliament buildings here in Victoria.  I was lucky enough to assemble an amazing and talented team to pull this quick evening shoot together.  Danelle Janess is the gorgeous model.  Jen Clarke did the stunning hair and makeup and always unstoppable is the visionary photographer, Jen Steele.  Also indispensable back up support was provided by Kyla Hubbard, Shi Studio’s leather worker and designer.
These designs are inspired by mermaid treasures drawn from the depths of hidden troves.  They are rich in pearls, gems, coins and revel in larger statement chains and pieces.  To learn more about the Treasures of the Deep designs, read the Treasures Blog post.  The necklaces in this Collection stand alone and create a singular look.  Simple clean clothing lines lend well to the textural, contemporary and artistic edge of these necklaces.  The antique coins and tribal discs tell a story that provides even more depth, meaning and history.
We could not resist including some other Shi Designs in this shoot, including the luscious boho Strand Necklaces, Cascade earrings, leather Bandit and Tether bracelets, Charm and Braveheart bracelets, Crystal Layer Necklaces, and the medieval fairy princess inspired Druzy Layers.

Launching new designs and working in collaboration on photo shoots are some of the peak moments in my life as an artisan. I have so much gratitude that mixed in with the humdrum aspects of running a small business, like bookkeeping, taxes and day to day operations, there are also these peak experiences, like when I set up a beautiful show, interact with my wonderful customers or have moments of grateful reflection on the many years I have had the opportunity to live a creative lifestyle.

Enjoy the Full Spread of our Shi Fall Photo shoot!!

Top images from the shoot…